Tired of getting that glazed-eye look?

Your research or research-based solution has revolutionary potential. But trying to  connect with people outside your research domain feels like trying to speak a different language.

We help you translate your innovative ideas into clear, compelling communication that resonates with audiences outside the academy or the lab. 


Amplify your impact

Engage, educate, and inspire the people who will help you turn your research into real-world results.

  • Collaborate with researchers from other disciplines
  • Network effectively with industry 
  • Build trust with community groups
  • Deliver winning proposals and pitches
  • Get buy-in from investors and government funders
  • Attract end-users or customers
  • Share knowledge through nonacademic forms of publication, such as blogs and infographics
  • Grow your confidence and your leadership skills

Who We Help

We come alongside researchers and research-based organizations who want to bridge the knowledge gap between their domain of expertise and a particular community.


We help you share academic knowledge with practitioners, end users, and policy- makers so you can turn your research into action.

Create persuasive fact sheets, reports, position papers, presentations, training materials, blog posts, video scripts, and more.

KT professionals

 You know the strategic frameworks for translating and mobilizing knowledge, and you can visualize the impact you want to make.

We become part of your in-house communication team so you can move your KT projects forward and achieve your impact goals.


Research-Driven Businesses

We enable you to explain your innovative product or service in ways that get investors and customers excited.

Create winning pitches, proposals, and strategic plans. Woo your target audience with thoughtful blogs, white papers, eBooks, and more.

warning (2)

Don't expect us to "dumb down" your complex ideas.

Respect for intellectual integrity is in our DNA, so we won't compromise on accuracy for the sake of sounding clever.

Our job is to distill the essence of your meaning into simple (not simplistic) communication that rings true while propelling your audience to action.

How We Help

We start with a thorough assessment of your needs so we can figure out the best approach to get you to your impact goal:

- Group training empowers your whole team by establishing core communication principles for everyone to steer by. Through the Center for Innovation Communication, we offer both off-the-shelf communication training and bespoke programs.

- Coaching enables individuals or small groups to get feedback on a communication product, such as a piece of writing or a presentation, while it's being developed.

- Authoring starts with a gentle questioning process that enables you to untangle your thoughts and articulate them in language that will engage your audience and make sense to them. Then we create content (and visuals, if needed) to bring your concepts to life, in a voice that feels natural to you.

Clarity Studio
Austin Castellanos - David Sobey Centre, Saint Mary's University

“Dawn is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has been able to seamlessly convert and summarise our Centre's academic research papers into two-pagers that are beautifully designed and are in an easy-to-read, business language format. Not only is Dawn a true professional but she is one of the kindest people you will meet. She is now our go-to person for translating research papers. We highly recommend her services!”

David Sobey Centre, Saint Mary's University

Why We're Different

We get how challenging it is to let go of all the details of a complex concept because we've been in your shoes. Our founder Dr. Dawn Henwood has a PhD in English from the University of Toronto. She has published articles in scholarly journals and taught at three universities.

Like you, we value completeness, precision, and authenticity—because it's impossible to create new knowledge without being exact.

We approach our craft as both a science and an art, drawing on expertise in communication, literary analysis, and learning design as well as more than 20 years of experience in the business world.

Clarity Studio
Joe Hood - Geospectrum Technologies Inc.

“I contracted Dawn to help my team of scientists and engineers improve their report and paper writing skills as part of a short, focused training effort. The training exceeded my expectations by focusing on higher-level writing challenges. The result was a fully engaged team and a useful guide/checklist that we used moving forward. It has been more than 5 years since the training and I still find myself using tips from the course to evaluate and improve my writing. Great value!”

Geospectrum Technologies Inc.

We'd love to learn about the knowledge you have to share and explore ways we could help.

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